Pave the way to the future of PCP!




Customized brick pavers in PCP's new entryway are only $50.00 each!


Choose up to 3 lines of text for your brick. Personalized bricks are a great way to commemorate a show, birthday, or graduation!


Submit online order form. Mail cash or check to PO Box 663, Anderson, SC 29622. You can also make your payment at any PCP show. All proceeds will help cover show expenses as well as PCP's long-term needs.


New pavers will be installed quarterly!

In 2017, Anderson School District 5 completed a renovation project to bring major updates to Project Challenge Playhouse’s facilities. As part of these renovations, the Playhouse’s facade and entrance received a total facelift. The PCP board and community could not be more excited about these much-needed improvements!

The Playhouse’s new entryway features brick pavers that can be engraved with your name or a special message! Since its inception in 1986, the Playhouse has served as home for so many students and families. PCP has brought growth, joy, memories, and amazing experiences into the lives of countless students. The Pave the Way fundraiser is a great opportunity for PCP cast members, families, and supporters to leave a permanent mark on the Playhouse!

Project Challenge Playhouse Patrons is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing support for all PCP programs. The Patrons, Anderson School District 5, and the PCP community stand together in their commitment to provide all Anderson School District 5 students the opportunity to participate in quality performing arts events. While PCP facilities and utilities are provided by the school district, most operating expenses are covered thanks to donations and ticket sales. Proceeds from the Pave the Way fundraiser will be used to cover show expenses (such as royalties, costumes, and sets) as well as long-term updates (like lighting and sound equipment).

By participating in the Pave the Way fundraiser, you will not only make a permanent mark at the Playhouse, but you will help to ensure PCP’s success for years to come!

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To Order: Click "Add to Cart" to order and pay online. Note that a $3.35 processing fee is added to online orders. To avoid processing fees, you may click "Print Order Form" and mail your form with $50 payment to:

Project Challenge Playhouse
Re: Pave the Way Fundraiser
PO Box 663
Anderson, SC 29622

Please make cash or check payable to Project Challenge Playhouse.

Thank you for your support!